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Winnipeg Arena

Winnipeg Arena

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Opened in 1955, the Winnipeg Arena was an indoor arena located at 1430 Maroons Road in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

It was renovated and expanded in 1979 to capacity to 15,565.

The largest ever painting of Queen Elizabeth II, 5x7 metres, hung from the Arena rafters.

Its major tenant was the Winnipeg Jets of the WHA and the NHL from 1972-1996. In 1972 the Winnipeg Arena hosted game 3 of the famous "Summit Series" between Team Canada and the USSR.

Following the departure of the Jets to Phoenix, Arizona, the Arena's prime tenant from 1996-2004 was the Manitoba Moose of the International Hockey League, and later of the American Hockey League.

The Winnipeg Arena earned the nickname of the "White House" for its traditional White Out during Jets' playoff games. The Winnipeg White Out is the best known and most loved sports tradition in Winnipeg.

Due to the opening of the MTS Centre, the Winnipeg Arena's demolition was approved, with the Arena holding its last event on November 7, 2004. The City of Winnipeg took on the $1.45 million expense of demolishing the now-vacant arena. Final demolition was scheduled for 7:15am on Sunday March 26, 2006. However, the dynamite failed to bring the entire structure down. Hours later, construction vehicles pulled down the rest of the structure.