Winnipeg is a impressive city that is traditional and unique

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is a impressive city that is traditional, modern and unique.

Winnipeg is refreshing, imaginative and full of surprises. There is an abundance of entertainment possibilities to offer such as night clubs, art galleries, music, golf, history, nature, sports, festivals & much more.

There is a lot to enjoy about Winnipeg and Winnipeg Reflections was created to tell you all about Winnipeg and what it has to offer.

Once you visit you may find that you just might to want to move here.

A small sampling of some of the things to like about Winnipeg

  • The size is just right -

    Winnipeg is big enough that it has everything you want or need but it only takes about a half an hour to get to one side of the city to the other. Getting stuck in a traffic jam means you will be getting home 10 minutes later then normal.

  • The summers -

    The summers in Winnipeg are fantastic. Temperatures range from 23° C (74° F) to 25° C (77° F) but can hit highs up to 38° C (100° F).

    In the summer sun rises around 5:30 am and sets around 10:00 pm

  • The winters -

    OK, I agree the winters here can be very cold sometimes, but the cold just makes Winnipegers tough. When it gets to -30° C (-22° F) and we need some protection from the cold we put on our toques.

    To offset the cold we don't get earthquakes, hurricanes, devastating tornados, wildfires that burn all our homes to the ground or have any poisonous snakes, bugs or have termites that eat your house.

    I'll trade a few months of cold for getting rid of all that.

  • The seasons -

    Having four very distinct seasons is fantastic.

    The summers are hot!

    The fall is wonderful with beautiful fall colors!

    In the winter the crunch of the snow under feet on a crisp January day is exhilarating!

    The rebirth of everything in the spring!

Winnipeg  Manitoba Legislative Building

Manitoba Legislative Building


The price of gas in Winnipeg for
Monday November 20, 2017 is

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Winnipeg's motto


One with the strength of many

Winnipeg's Logo

The logo was adopted on
Jan. 18, 2001 as a symbol of the city. The logo is styled to captures the spirit, energy and diversity of Winnipeg as well as being a unique symbol of our City representing the spirit of Winnipeg and its people.

Winnipeg's Flag

The flag of The City of Winnipeg was adopted by Council October 1st, 1975. The flag consists of the City Crest on a field of blue and yellow. The blue field indicates the city's clear blue skies and the yellow represents golden wheat fields, the original basic economy of the City. The blue and yellow design was adopted as the official colours for the City's Centennial celebrations in 1974.

Manitoba's Flag

The Manitoba flag was approved by the passage of a bill in the Manitoba Legislative Assembly on May 11, 1965 and given royal assent by Queen Elizabeth II in October 1965. The flag was adopted after the federal government decided to replace the Canadian Red Ensign with the Maple Leaf flag.

Welcome to Winnipeg

Heart of the Continent was chosen by the people of Winnipeg as our new slogan. Destination Winnipeg created the sign using the city's Esplanade Riel, the Red River and the cityscape set against our big prairie sky.

dial 311 for help
Need info? Dial 311

Winnipeg's 311 service answers your questions about or to request city services.

dial 511 for road information
Road info? Dial 511

Dial 511 to get highway conditions, road closures, weather information and other travel tips.

winnipeg skyline

Downtown Winnipeg as seen from The Forks