Winnipeg is a impressive city that is traditional and unique

Famous Winnipeggers and Things

Charles Thorson (cartoonist)

born - August 29, 1890 in Winnipeg, Manitoba
died - August 7, 1966

Charles Thorson started drawing as a political cartoonist but in 1935 he was hired by Walt Disney. He helped to draw the cartoons Little Hiawatha, The Old Mill, The Country Cousin, and Wynken Bliken and Nod.

His biggest contributed was when he helped with Snow White. She was based on his girlfriend back in Manitoba.

Charles and Walt didn't get along so he left Walt Disney in 1937.

Charles then moved on to draw for MGM Studios. Its believed he worked with a couple of other cartoonists, who we know as Hanna and Barbara, on the Tom And Jerry cartoons.

After he quit working for MGM he went to work for Warner Brothers where he was asked to design a rabbit. He named the rabbit - Bugs. Charles not only created Elmer Fudd but helped with the design of Betty Boop, Popeye, and Mighty Mouse.

Charles finally returned to Canada where he designed Eaton's Pumpkin Head and Elmer the Safety Elephant.