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Starkell Family (adventurer)

Taken from the plague found in Seniors Park in East Kildonan -

In recognition of the three East Kildonan residents. Don Starkell along with sons Dana and Jeff who began an epic voyage by canoe which started here on the river bank of Seniors park June 1, 1980.

They paddled and portaged 19,620 kilometers to their final destination Belem, Brazil, South America May 1, 1982. This incredible adventure in spite of all the odds has been recognized asa world record for the longest journey ever made by canoe.

In 1986, the names of Don Starkell and his son Dana were entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for having completed the longest canoe journey ever, a distance of 12,181 miles (19,603 kilometres).

By Don Starkell own estimation, the 76-year-old Starkell (2009) is 456 kilometres away from a lifetime paddling mark of 120,226 kilometres, a distance equal to three times the circumference of the planet. It's also 20,000 kilometres more than the 100,000 credited to American paddler and Guinness record-holder Verlen Kruger, who died in 2004.