Winnipeg is a impressive city that is traditional and unique

Famous Winnipeggers and Things

Lenny Breau (musician)

The Breau family moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1957. Their new band, The CKY Caravan, performed around Winnipeg and Manitoba. The shows were broadcast live on Winnipeg's CKY Saturday mornings from various remote locations.

Randy Bachman, who was just sixteen years old(Bachman Turner Overdrive), was one of their regular listeners. After Bachman bicycled to a Caravan performance and ended up meeting Breau they soon became friends. Breau informally began teaching Bachman, who has since described those lessons as "...the beginning of my life as a guitar player."

In 1959 Lenny Breau left his parents band and sought out local jazz musicians that were performing at Winnipeg venues like the Rando Manor and the Stage Door. After meeting pianist Bob Erlendson, Lenny began learning the foundations of jazz.

In 1962 Breau left for Toronto and soon created the jazz group Three with Don Francks and Eon Henstridge.