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Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Venues are at different
locations throughout Winnipeg
445 River Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3L 0C3
telephone: (204) 284-9477

I do not have any affiliation or contract with this organization, therefore any information that is displayed maybe out of date or incorrect. You should always consult their official web site for the newest information.

The Winnipeg Comedy Festival is an annual comedy festival in Winnipeg hosted by the CBC and presented at the Gas Station Theatre.

Built around several themes, comedians come from around the world and base their routines around those themes.

The entire production later airs on the CBC network, and is syndicated on The Comedy Network and is proud to be the highest rated comedy festival series on CBC Television.

Some of the performers at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival have been:

Dave Broadfoot, David Steinberg, Brent Butt, Dean Jenkinson, Gavin Crawford, George Westerholm, Irwin Barker, Jessica Holmes, John Wing, Mark McKinney, Ron James, Bubbles, George Stroumboulopoulos, Glen Foster, Roddy Piper, Sugar Sammy, Bill Richardson, Carla Collins, Colin Mochrie, Derek Edwards, Graham Greene, Lorne Elliott, Patrick McKenna, Ralph Benmergui, Shaun Majumder, Simon Rakoff, A. Whitney Brown, Cathy Jones, Irwin Barker, Jeremy Hotz, Jessica Holmes, Joey Elias, Roger Abbott, Russell Peters, Andrea Martin, Joe Flaherty, Sean Cullen, Elvira Kurt, Lorne Cardinal, Deb McGrath, Gerry Dee, Mrs. Hughes, Geri Hall, Roman Danylo, Teresa Pavlinek, Jimmy Tingle, Dennis Hull, Big Daddy Tazz